14 - 20 November 2014


Whether you hold a debate, watch a film screening or simply get talking about Parliament, politics and democracy, there are lots of ways to get involved in Parliament Week this year.

Plan for Parliament Week and beyond…

How Parliament works in nearly 60 seconds


Speaker’s School Council Awards

Have you got a school council? If not, why not start one up? If you are already running projects as a council, get your work recognised by the Speaker’s School Council Awards.


Teaching resources and lesson plans

Browse Parliament’s Education Services resources by key-stage, subject, theme or resource type to use in your classroom and school.


Visit parliament with your school

Book a free visit to the Houses of Parliament for your students! Browse by key-stage and academic term to find the visit that best suits your school group. Plus, groups visiting Parliament from UK constituencies may be eligible for a transport subsidy.


Parliament in your school

We know not every school in the UK can visit Westminster and the Houses of Parliament, so find out about some of the ways to bring Parliament, citizenship and political literacy into your classroom.


CPD opportunities

Parliament’s Education Service provides training and support for trainee teachers and teachers of political literacy-related subjects. This Parliament Week, find out more and take advantage of some of the training on offer.