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Whether you hold a debate, watch a film screening or simply get talking about Parliament, politics and democracy, there are lots of ways to get involved in Parliament Week this year.

Plan for Parliament Week and beyond...

Assemblies about Parliament

A primary and secondary assembly, free to use, describing the story of the Women's suffrage movement

Create the Debate - new for 2013

New KS3- 5 debating games, lesson plans and more which are great for debating throughout the year and across the curriculum.

Fun Kids Radio explores Parliament

A radio and online resource designed to introduce KS2 students to the history and day-to-day activities within Parliament.

Visits from MPs and Peers

Invite an MP or Member of the Lords to visit your school and talk to students about their work. And if you’ve become passionate about a particular issue, check out ongoing e-petitions to see if there is one you can sign up to.

Make a film

Get your primary or secondary students to enter the 'Lights, Camera, Parliament!' film making competition and take the role of Prime Minister for a day to tell Parliament what law they would make.

Women in Democracy schools resource

Show students from KS1 - 5 one of the 13 films handpicked by Into Film which relate to the theme Women in Democracy.

Have you got a school council?

Have you got a school council? If not, why not start one up? If you are already running projects as a council, get your work recognised by the Speaker’s School Council Awards.

Parliament's Education Service

Parliaments Education Service

Providing a full range of fun, educational resources to support young people's understanding of Parliament and democracy.

Parliament Week resources


TES has hand-picked its own collection of high-quality teaching materials to help teachers get involved in and engaged with Parliament Week.