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Fun Kids Radio explores Parliament

Fun Kids Radio

This is a new radio series and online resource designed to introduce key stage 2 students to the history and day-to-day activities within Parliament.

Parliament Week has teamed up with children's radio station Fun Kids and Parliament’s Education Service to produce ‘Inside Parliament’. It is a fun introduction to politics that gives students a better understanding of the role it plays in everyday lives.

This 14-part series follows Montague, a magical Gargoyle who lives on the Houses of Parliament.

With his abilities to travel across Parliament through the stone walls, listeners can join Montague as he remembers the history of the Palace of Westminster, the workings of the two chambers and explains the role of modern democracy.

Each of the 14 parts will be broadcast on weekdays at 5pm and over weekends at 10am.

Tune in to Fun Kids, or listen online from Monday 5 November.

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Parliament's Education Service

Parliaments Education Service

Providing a full range of fun, educational resources to support young people's understanding of Parliament and democracy.

KS2 assembly plan


Use this assembly plan with your KS2 students to explain democracy as a central theme of Parliament Week.