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Parliament Week 2012

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Read inspiring articles and learn more about the people who have contributed to our democracy in the past and those who continue to do so today. There is something of interest for everyone, from the struggles of the Suffragettes to the modern day campaigns of the UK Youth Parliament.

Until 1918 women had no recognised role in national politics – they could neither vote nor stand for Parliament. In this film, groups from Birmingham look at the history of how women gained the right to vote.
This film, the second of two produced by local film maker Sima Gonsai, continues the exploration of how Birmingham was involved in the campaign for electoral reform.
Professor Chris Kyle, from Syracuse University, explains how close people could get to Parliament in the seventeenth century.
Henry Miller, from the History of Parliament Trust, examines the huge growth in petitions to Parliament from members of the public in the nineteenth century.

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What does Parliament do?

Parliament examines what the Government is doing, makes new laws, holds the power to set taxes and debates the issues of the day.

The House of Commons and House of Lords each play an important role in the work of Parliament.

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