16 - 22 November 2015

Terms and conditions


Parliament Week is a programme of events and activities that inspire, engage and connect people from across the UK with parliamentary democracy.

Our Partners are organisations who take part in Parliament Week by organising and
promoting an event or activity about democracy in the UK. In 2013, Parliament Week had
over 320 partners who contributed to our programme of events and activities with
workshops, debates, exhibitions, walks and talks.

Partner Organisations Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible as a Parliament Week Partner you must be an organisation which aims to
support parliamentary democracy in the UK either explicitly or implicitly through your work in engaging audiences in the social, democratic or cultural life of the UK; and one which the Parliament Week project team judge will not give rise to criticism of the inclusion of your organisation as a Partner for Parliament Week.

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to organisations who wish to register their activities as
part of Parliament Week. These terms and conditions apply between the Parliament Week Partner and the Corporate Officer of the House of Commons.

On behalf of the Corporate Officer of the House of Commons, the Parliament Week project team agrees:

  • To publish details of Partners’ activities on its website and promote these where editorially appropriate;
  • To provide Partners with the Parliament Week logo;
  • To provide you with Parliament Week branded promotional and educational materials free of charge, where applicable.

You, the Parliament Week Partner, agree:

  • Run an event or an activity relevant to Parliament Week. Any event you host must be free of charge to the public or run on a cost-recovery basis;
  • Ensure your event or activity is clearly marked as part of Parliament Week, include the logo and a link to the Parliament Week website from your own website. Ensure that the Parliament Week logo is not used in any way, either directly or by implication, to endorse any person or organisation or the political viewpoint expressed by any person or organisation;
  • To provide all Parliament Week materials, if supplied, free of charge to the public.
  • Receive email updates about the issues discussed on this site, we will use the information you give us to provide this service only. If you inform us that you wish to cancel, your details will be deleted from our records.

Child Protection

Many Partner activities will be aimed at families and adults. As such, and unless otherwise stated in the relevant Supplementary Criteria, Partners should stipulate that under 18s attending their activities should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Partners which run activities for those under 18 must have suitable child protection policies in place.

Data Protection

The Data Protection Act 1998 regulates the processing of personal information, setting rules for processing and increasing individuals’ rights to control how information about them is used. Within the conditions of this Act, your agreement to these terms and conditions confirms your permission for your personal details to be saved within the Parliament Week database. Partner profile and user details will not be given to anyone outside the House of Commons without permission. You hereby confirm that you have obtained permission from any person whose details you list on your activity pages that their details may be published on the website.

Applicable Law

These terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.